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The perfect introduction to Edufii. As a coach, you can test out all the functions o the app. As an athlete or fan, this lets you coordinate with your coach to get the most out of your training and practice.

Your ongoing training journal and progress tracker. Allowing you to capture video, post content and share everything from your phone.

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  • 5 TrainingSpaces
  • 5 GB Storage
  • Video Analysis


Coaching a team or individuals all day? Coach+ will allow you to organize every person and team as you want so your organization and communication is always in line with your coaching habits.

$ 39.99
per month
or $299.99 per year

Save hours of your time by streamlining all your communication and training notes into Edufii. Whether your phone, tablet or computer is closest to you, you'll be able to document or respond to your teams and athletes.

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  • Unlimited TrainingSpaces
  • 150 GB Storage
  • Exclusive Team Spaces for group communication
  • Video Analysis
  • Media Library for quick content recycling
  • Tags Search Manager
  • TrainingSpace Templates
  • Segments for custom group communication blasts


Have a team, club or organization? Maybe you belong to a group with multiple coaches. Either way, let us customize the right solution for you.

Having a large group of coaches and athletes to coordinate for can be difficult. Edufii can help with that communication and organization across everyone that is part of the business.

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Save up to 20 hours in communication each week

  • Media, data and communications in one mobile app.

  • Virtual training journal and progress tracker.

  • Collaborate and share without emails and texts.

Trusted by great teams

in 60 sports across 140 countries

Frequently asked questions

How do I pick a plan?

After you complete the initial sign-up form, you will have the choice to select your role as a coach, athlete or fan (support network, parents, etc). If you select coach, you will have the option to continue for free until you qualify to upgrade to COACH+.

How long can I use Edufii for free as a coach before upgrading to COACH+?

You are limited to creating or joining five TrainingSpaces. Upon creating or joining a six TrainingSpace, you will be asked to join COACH+.

What is a TrainingSpace?

TrainingSpaces are how you connect, collaborate and track progress inside of Edufii. Think of them like virtual training journals or way more powerful Dropbox folders. They can connect everything and everyone important to the training process and can be focused on either individuals or groups.

What happens to my information if I stop subscribing to COACH+?

If you need to take a break from COACH+ due to seasonality, injury or whatever, we'll essentially put your account on pause or what is called READ ONLY. The last thing we want is for you to lose any data, access to Edufii or TrainingSpaces. You’ll still be able to see everything (even new posts) but won’t be able to actively post/reply or work in TrainingSpaces. You'll be able to resume COACH+ subscription anytime you choose to regain full access plus access to any new features we have added at the time. Please know that your athletes/fans can keep doing their thing without losing their normal powers.

How does the pricing work and is there is a bulk discount for academies, etc.?

Bulk pricing is available for those with 10 or more coaches. Contact us to learn more.