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  • Edufii is the most important tool a coach can have to extend and enhance your relationship with athletes.

    Cameron McCormick
    Coach to US Open & Masters Champion Jordan Spieth
  • Edufii’s unique mobile platform for collaboration provides immediate access to our raw thoughts, video instruction and motivation.

    Jen Schroeder
    Coach with The Packaged Deal, 2016’s Most Influential People in Softball
  • With Edufii, I connect with my student-athletes and coaches and athletes all over the world to reach our highest performance levels.

    Anson Dorrance
    Hall of Fame & 22x national champion coach of UNC women’s soccer team

Why We're a Good Call

We simplify communication

We replace the need for email, Skype, texts, group texts and YouTube.

We’re mobile

On the field, in the gym or on the mat? No problem. Capture organize and share right from your cell phone. iOS and Android.

We've got a powerful video/image analysis package

We have our own analysis tools that we think are pretty great. But we also play well with others. Do you currently use other tools for video, data and stats? Awesome. Store it all in the cloud right in your TrainingSpace.

We streamline organization

Be done with Dropbox, Google Drive and paper notebooks.

We deliver authentic, focused engagement

Keep everyone's head in the game -- no distractions from searching through emails and the Facebook feed. The whole group can connect through Team TrainingSpaces or you can connect privately 1-1 right in the app.

But we like to have fun too

Just check out your feed to give someone a fist bump, reply to a question, share a funny meme or discover cool new training tools and opportunities.

Save 20 hours per week

Before Edufii


After Edufii


Coaching Strategy and Planning or Family and Personal Time

Emailing, Texting, Searching for Info/Data, Uploading Media

In-Person Coaching

Source: Edufii Coach Survey January 2016

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